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Professional company committed to design,synthesize and manufacture fluorine compounds.
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Shanghai iGreen Chemical Co.,Ltd is a professional company committed to design,synthesize and manufacture fluorine compounds,which are widely applied in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, liquid crystals industries. We are among the most knowledgeable in the fluorine chemical industry and constantly strive to enhance the quality and add value of our products and services through ongoing innovation .
Building on our technical and commercial expertise,and aware of our societal responsibilities,we provide products and services related to fluorine chemistry to create sustainable and ever-increasing value to our customers, shareholders and employees
Our Company  is mainly focuse on the research of organofluorine chemistry and fluoride materials. 
(1) Organofluorine chemistry, particularly the development of new fluorinating reagents and methods
(2) Unveiling the unique fluorine effect in organic chemistry
(3) Understanding the unique structure-property relationships in fluorinated systems
(4) Synthesis of fluorinated functional materials


  公司自成立以来,坚持走技术创新的发展道路,推行“为客户增加价值”的经营理念,致力于含氟物质的合成及转化方法,包括氟化试剂开发,以及氟化、氟烷基化、氟芳基化、氟烯基化、含氟砌块转化、选择性脱氟、含氟单体聚合等过程的方法学;开发出具有自主知识产权的、技术领先的、面向市场的优质产品。主要产品有: (三氟甲基)三甲基硅烷 Ruppert-Prakash,各种二氟代甲基碳酸乙烯酯类,F-TEDA-BF4(Selectfluor) ,Fluolead等氟化试剂及氟化产品。公司位于上海精细化工火炬创新创业园,由国家科技部火炬中心、上海市科学技术委员会、金山区人民政府三方共建,是全国第一家部、市、区联动的专业产业创业园。在“以精细化工高端服务为核心、新型化工产业领域为支撑”为园区宗旨的科技创新平台上,公司走上了良性的发展道路。本公司将继续本着“共图发展、共同成长”的宗旨,热忱与各方合作,真诚与您共创美好未来。
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